March Lake

After a week of 80 degree days (and one 80 degree night inside our second story apartment!) it shocks my system to look back on pictures of ice from our March trip. And it reminds me that everything is temporary and everything is relative.


We sat in the car in the parking lot at the state park zipping up our coats and putting on our hats when an SUV pulled up next to us and 6 young adults in dress coats jumped out, yelling about how cool it was to be at the beach. I stalled, adjusting my hat 17 times because I wanted to put the camera on a post and set the timer to take pictures of Shane and I, but I didn’t want these fancy youths to see me do it. And I didn’t want them to offer to take the picture because I like to do things myself.


The snow was gone but the wind was fierce. We walked down to the water, because last month it was frozen too far out to see it.  After only a few minutes the church clothes kids came running back to their car complaining of the cold. Shane and I looked at each other and said, “They should have been here last month!”


We both agreed that the January Trip was a little bit miserable and the February Trip was way worse. And yet. Without those two trips we wouldn’t have known how sweet the March trip could be.



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