I used to be a vegetarian and would laugh when people would say things like, “I’m a vegetarian too! Except for turkey and bacon. And sometimes chicken.”  Similarly, I feel like I eat a Paleo diet, except for doughnuts and hummus. And sometimes just an entire loaf of bread.  What we’re really trying to do is eat more whole foods, less sugar, less carbs in general- specifically gluten.  Not only do I think I couldn’t complete a Whole30, I don’t even have the desire to try!  A lot of our gym friends are Paleo and we like to ask each other, “Is this a legume? What’s a legume?” from this video.


Shane found this pizza crust recipe from Everyday Paleo last week and on Sunday afternoon we set out to cook it together.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a great cook and an even worse baker because the two things I hate the most are chemistry and following directions.  So when Shane wanted to follow the recipe exactly I quickly lost interest and let him take over.


And shockingly, when you actually follow directions things tend to turn out the way they’re supposed to! The pizza was a hit! No one is going to mistake it for doughy crusted gooey cheese take out, but it held together and tasted good!  Next time I’d put the greens under the meat so they don’t get so crisp.


I had never successfully made anything with almond meal before and was pleasantly surprised that it had a cornbready texture.  Not bad for pizza crust, but even better for the next recipe we made- Maple Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies!

We made them after the gym on Thursday night so we just chose the recipe with the fewest ingredients. I was too tired to take pictures and the night lighting was bad anyway, but they were fantastic! Shane followed the recipe, except I doubled the amount of chocolate chips.



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