Double Double Under Under

It wasn’t until I started writing about going to the lake that I remembered all the goals I had for this year and realized how much work they were going to be. The big big goal, to buy a house, happens a little bit at a time, paycheck by paycheck, until the actual process of looking and buying starts.  But the physical goals, like doing a pull up, those need to be worked towards with a bit more focus and planning than just an automated savings account or picking one weekend a month to head to the lake.  I was actually going to have to start working on these so that bit by bit over the year I would get strong enough to do them.  And with 9 more months left in the year I figured I had plenty of time to start… a little bit later.

Our gym attendance has been pretty spotty since Christmas, kind of like our diet, but we decided March would be the month we get back on track.  I certainly wasn’t expecting to make any great strides, if anything I was only trying to get back to where I was in December when out of nowhere, right at the beginning of the workout, bam! My first Double Under!

This isn’t me, obviously. But I thought you might not know what a double under is.

I’ve been trying to do a double under for about 6 months, but only whenever they were part of the workout. It was something I wanted to conquer, but I didn’t know how to work towards it. It wasn’t like building the upper body strength (and hand calluses) to do a pull up. People kept saying to me that it would just come. Keep working on it and you’ll just get them.  And that’s exactly how it happened.

I was so used to the rope not making it all the way around and whipping my arms and legs that the first time it came back around I wasn’t ready for it with another jump. It just fell at my feet and it took me a second to realize what happened.   I screamed and screamed and jumped around! And just like that, I was doing double unders.  Single Single Double, Single Single Double, Single Single Double, Single Single Double.  Four times.
And then four times again. And again and again.

It was a small victory, but it’s a check on the list.  That paired with all the hype about The Open for The Crossfit Games has me pretty pumped to be back at the gym!


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