February Lake

My dad died at the end of January and I spent a week in the Virgin Islands, where he lived, with my brother and sister.  We spent time going to the places he loved and chatting with the people that loved him.

Honeymoon Beach

“You should move down here,” people kept telling me.  “We can find you a job. What does your husband do? We’ll find him a job too.”  And of course it was tempting. Who wouldn’t trade a Michigan January for year round 85 degree weather?

cocktails on the pirates lady

Well, me. I wouldn’t.  I love the seasons.  I like summer best of all but it’s that much better after a particularly harsh winter.  One of the men that my dad worked with told me that this was the natural order of things. Men grow old and die, and the true blessing was that my father didn’t have to bury any of his children.  Fall comes after summer.


I’m not discounting the appeal of warm weather and sunshine, but I think the ocean calls to people just as strongly.  It’s the same Siren call I mentioned last month.   Lake Michigan always reminds me that there is something much bigger than I am and that I’m lucky to sit in the presence of such great beauty.

Lake Michigan February

This trip was much colder, windier, and more miserable than the January trip.
But it was also more beautiful.
And a reminder that Spring is coming.

Grand Haven February

*USVI photos taken by my dad


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4 Responses to February Lake

  1. I enjoy reading your thoughts, reflections, and personality….

  2. Carol Kaweck says:

    I love the changes with the seasons too — although I do like summer and fall the best

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