The Uncured January


Some thoughts on when I thought about participating in the January Cure.

Saturdays are for errands and friends and doing all of the things that I never get to during the week. But Sundays are strictly reserved for the two most time consuming chores: grocery shopping and laundry.  Unless we run out of food on Friday and are forced to grocery shop on Saturday, which frees up Sunday for reading the entire internet, which is exactly what happened last weekend.

I ended up back on Apartment Therapy, which reminded me that I thought about that once, which reminded me of this post, which reminded me that I never followed up on it.

All this to say, I didn’t do any of the January Cure but I did buy a mop and formally mop (not just swiffer!) the kitchen floor.  I even moved the table and mopped under the rug and this is how it looked when I was done


And the whole premise of the January Cure was proven true to me in the one small endeavor of mopping my floor: when you put some time and effort into taking care of something you like it a lot more.  It’s the same reason we all love Ikea and probably why I love this blog so much more than you do.  The January cure also wanted you to buy cut flowers every week, but I have cats.  They knock over the vases and the water spills and they eat the flowers and then they throw them up… I didn’t think having flowers would make me like the apartment more and it would probably make me hate the cats a little.  So, logically, if I didn’t want to buy cut flowers then I couldn’t do any of the January cure! Ever! At all!

So I didn’t.



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