Story Telling

Yesterday morning I was in a workshop about story telling – not only how to tell the story of your organization to attract donors but also a call to examine the stories of our lives outside of our work. If someone were making a movie of my life, what would it look like?

The speaker used Donald Miller as an example.  He wrote the book Blue Like Jazz (which I liked) and when they started making it into a movie (which I hated) the film makers went to live with Don with the intention that knowing him better would make their movie better.  And after 1 month they told him that his life sucked! The success of his book had thrown him into this speaking circuit. He hated it and wasn’t very good at it.  So he wrote another book about that (which I haven’t read).

My sophomore seminar was on Modern Literature and the books that defined the Lost Generation.  The professor asked us what we thought would define our generation and someone suggested Blue Like Jazz.  Even though my copy of the book was full of notes and underlines, I didn’t think the book was widely read enough to be claimed by our whole generation, and the perspective is incredibly Christian.  But nearly half the class agreed with that kid and later in the year when I met Don Miller I told him about this as he was signing my book.  He didn’t seem very impressed by this compliment, probably because he knew how many books he had actually sold.  He also signed my book “All of Christ to you, Don” and I still don’t know what that means.

When the speaker brought up Donald Miller this morning, only a handful of people had ever heard of him. I was one of 2 people who had read Blue Like Jazz and the only person who had seen the movie. Looks like it didn’t impact our generation as much as 10 kids thought it might have 8 years ago.

But the whole point is this: I want to be telling more stories. I want to be living a life that has more stories in it.  I want to tell them and collect them here.

So I’m going to keep at it.


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