Happiness Project: Home

I read Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project last year and just got her second book, Happier At Home, from the library this week without realizing that’s what it was.  I love the idea of purposely cultivating happiness and have been thinking about what things truly make me happy, which is one of the reasons I wanted to resurrect the blog.  I like looking back on a small written summary of the things I thought and felt and did, and I like doing them.  A lot of bloggers have confessed that they find themselves doing things they wouldn’t normally do so that they can write about it on the blog.  I’ll take it! Yes please to more adventures!  And yet. I can’t go on a brand new adventure every day (or can I?) and most of the blogs I read are about home design and family life any way.  The first chapter of Happiness at home is about the physical space of the home which got me thinking about the house we want to buy and the kind of space I want it to be.  And then over the weekend I read Offbeat Home for the first time, which lead to me wandering over to Apartment Therapy and realizing that the January Cure is already in full swing. Without me. Again.

Yes, I know that I could join a few days late.  But the first step is to do a walking tour of your home and make lists of all the things you want to change/improve and that mental list of mine is already so long.  I’m hoping to be out of here in 6 months, so is it worth it to start hanging pictures and creating storage systems now?  Or should I just wait to get into the new space?

One thing I know I can do now is cut down on the clutter. If I don’t use it now I probably won’t use it at the next space. And it’s less to move!


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