Gluten Free Fail

In November Shane and I took a nutrition course taught by our now good friend Julia that inspired us to start eating a lot more whole foods, healthy fats, and vegetables.  We followed the program and were feeling great for almost 2 months and then… Christmas!  We decided to keep everything we learned in mind and try to make the best choices we could while still allowing for occasional (ok, multiple!) indulgences.  On Wednesday, after 2 whole weeks of treats, we cut out sugar and gluten again and it was rough!

By Friday night all I could think about was sugar!  I tried a handful of dark chocolate nibs which had been so satisfying to past non-sugar eating self but now just tasted bitter and dry.  Maybe it’s because it was a Friday, or maybe it’s because I truly am addicted to sugar, but I decided that the best thing I could do for those nibs would be to bake them into some cookies!

I loosely followed the first recipe that came up on google because I forgot that baking is chemistry-  a class that I never could pass no matter how hard I flirted with the TA.   I started making substitutions: a little extra butter (healthy fat!), a little less sugar (no problem there), and oh, hey, how about instead of regular flour I use almond meal (gluten free).


I guess I should just look up a recipe that actually calls for almond meal next time.

I just sliced this up with  pizza cutter and it still tastes good.  So we don’t feel so bad eating them at every meal I’ve started calling them “granola bars” which is kind of true because they have nuts in them.


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3 Responses to Gluten Free Fail

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  3. jbvisser says:

    Ha! Just saw this and love it (the cookies look amazing, too). Your baby steps will get you there! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 🙂

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