Nothing good ever happens after 10pm

During a full night of catching up with friends from grad school and after several mugs of buttered rum the conversation turned to what we all might like to be doing with our over-educated selves.  One friend said she was finally going to open her etsy store, which encouraged me to blurt out I’d like to resurrect the blog.


I was feeling especially confident and up to task because I had just rejoined twitter.  And then yesterday Joyce Carol Oates (who I’ve always admired without ever having read) tweeted: “Writing fiction like enticing a part-feral cat to approach you. No matter if you plead, she will not come; but if you turn away, she may.”  And I retweeted. Because I have cats. And because maybe people will think I write fiction, and maybe I could.

Or maybe I could update this blog sometimes.


About HeatherK

joke teller. tea drinker. npr listener. baby kisser.
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One Response to Nothing good ever happens after 10pm

  1. Carol Kaweck says:

    Didn’t know you were doing this again — i just read your posts – love the way you write, you have always been able to sit down and the words flow. Wish I was more like that 🙂

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