New Photo

I somehow came across this Gregarious Peach blog a few days ago and was thrilled to read all about several 365 Projects and the impact that it’s had on people’s lives and how much everyone loves it.  I’ve started and stopped 2 different 365 projects (and one 30 day challenge, actually…) and I don’t want to set any ridiculously lofty goals for myself except to say this: I like taking pictures and I would like to take more of them.  I’d also like to learn how to use my camera. So there.

I had this idea of a picture of the post office all morning, but then when I got there I was all embarrassed so I quick snapped this one after getting the mail and ran out the door.  Anyway, it’s a start.

Looks like I’m back on the horse!


About HeatherK

joke teller. tea drinker. npr listener. baby kisser.
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One Response to New Photo

  1. Tracie says:

    Back on the horse, baby!

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