Peyton Turns 10!

Ehrika and Peyton came to Grand Rapids Friday night to celebrate Peyton’s tenth birthday at the Matt Nathanson concert.  They got here early int he afternoon so we had plenty of time to hang out before the concert.  We walked down to my favorite coffee shop and sat in front of the windows to catch up.  We talked about the day Peyton was born and what we remembered.  Ehrika remembered her little legs being curled all the way up her chest so that she looked like a little frog, and I remember the first time I met her and I rubber her arm and said, “It’s your Aunt Heather and I love you so much.”  She stopped crying and turned her head to look right at me.  And now here she is, ten years old, beautiful as the day is long, drinking a latte and explaining to me what she doesn’t like about the book Hatchet– which was one of my favorites when I was her age!

She is brilliant and strong and I cannot wait to see what the next 10 years have in store for her!

We changed our clothes, put on makeup and did our hair before heading out to dinner and drinks before the concert at Hopcat, a local favorite.  Aside from having an outstanding beer selection their specially seasoned french fries are called Crack Fries because they are so addicting!

After dinner we walked over to the concert and were surprised to find an incredibly long line snaking down the block!  We met up with some of Ehrika’s old friends at dinner so we at least had people to talk to and huddle up with while we waited to get inside.

Shortly after this the battery on my phone died so I don’t have any pictures of us inside the concert.  We elbowed our way up the the 3rd row and then invoked the sympathy of people around us for how short Peyton is.  She ended up in the front row, right underneath a spotlight, the perfect spot to get noticed.  Matt Nathanson looked right at her and asked her how old she was while he was introducing one of his more…. adult… songs.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to scream at him that it was her birthday and he told her Happy Birthday a few times!  She just melted, she was so happy!!  Satisfied with the recognition, Peyton decided that her feet hurt too much to keep standing in the front row and we finished out the concert on barstools in the back.  The perfect ending, if you ask me! But the birthday celebration did not end there…

While we were at the concert, Shane sneakily bought an ice cream cake and candles to surprise Peyton when we walked in the door!

Even Doc Holliday helped sing and celebrate.

Peyton is already looking up all the upcoming concerts in Grand Rapids and Brennan has started asking what concert we’re going to for his birthday.  Hopefully this is a new tradition!


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