What We’ve Been Eating

When I talk to my mom for a long time on the phone (Hi Mom!) the conversation eventually works itself around to food.  What have you been cooking for dinner? Tried any new recipes? Been to any new restaurants?  So, Mom, this one’s for you!

Shane’s long commute means that there are usually 12 hours between the time he eats breakfast and when he’s home for dinner, even if it is on the table when when he walks through the door.  He’s fond of sugar cereals (heck, who isn’t?) but I knew that those wouldn’t keep him full all morning.  So rather than wake up every morning to cook him breakfast we decided to try making our own frozen breakfast sandwiches!

It’s a fried egg, a slice of cheese, and a slice of lunchmeat on an english muffin, but at 6am even something that simple can seem impossible.  We cooked up 6 of them together (teamwork!) and then put them in the freezer for the week.  Shane says the microwave up just fine!  While we waited for the sandwiches to cool before we packaged them I also prepacked some little bags of trail mix.  This week it’s almonds, peanuts, raisins, and craisins.

A week’s worth of breakfasts and snacks in just a few minutes!

And for dinners we’ve been having a lot of greens!  This little warm spell must have me thinking about fresh local spring greens.

Beet greens that I just wilted with olive oil and garlic, served alongside salmon fillets.  I also roasted the beets and ate them for lunch the next day.

This one is kale with scallops, tomatoes, and a white wine sauce.  I made this last week and Shane loved it so much he asked for it again this week!  I served it over whole wheat pasta with a sprinkle of parmesan. Delish!


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One Response to What We’ve Been Eating

  1. MOM says:

    Love the looks of the Kale — I could smell it cooking

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