Weekend Wrap Up March 3-4

We had another fun and surprisingly theater-filled weekend!  One Saturday we met up with some friends from Grad school and their 5 month old baby at Marie Catribs.  Even though we had to wait an hour for our table, the food was so so good!  Saturday evening we headed downtown with some friends from Shane’s gym to see Bye Bye Birdie at the Civic Theatre.  We had been there once before for Night of the Living Dead last October, but it was so much better to be watching a friend on stage!  Of course we thought that she was the star of the show, and the GR Press agreed!

Shane got free tickets to the Home and Garden Show through work so we checked it out on Sunday.

It was fun to walk through although a Home and Garden Show is probably a lot more fun if you are homeowners!  We registered to win a few iPads, a few lawnmowers, and even a hot tub!  We took advantage of the free parking a few blocks away (savin’ those pennies!) and while we were walking back to the car we stopped to take a picture of these old man supports on the building across the street.

And of course, coming home to this always makes us smile!


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2 Responses to Weekend Wrap Up March 3-4

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  2. MOM says:

    Wake up little Doc — “We are home” 🙂

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