Practically Perfect in Every Way!

For as long as I have known Shane he has had the song Chim Chim Cheree from Mary Poppins stuck in his head.  If he isn’t whistling that, you can bet he’s whistling a Christmas song!  When I saw that the Broadway production of Mary Poppins was coming to Grand Rapids I knew it would be the perfect first show for him (I’ll have to work him up to Les Mis…).   So we bought tickets, marked the calendar, and started planning an incredible night out!  We got tickets to the 8pm show so that we could have a long leisurely dinner- sushi, of course!

We had been anticipating this night out for months and as we were getting dressed we both agreed we were a little more excited about the dinner than we were for the show!  We ordered all of our favorite rolls and as soon as that big giant plate came out we knew we overdid it.  We shared a bottle of one of our favorite local wines from our tasting trip (Grand Traverse Semi-Dry Riesling) and dove in one wasabi covered roll at a time.  Our favorite sushi place is conveniently a few blocks from the theatre, so we rolled our sushi filled selves down the street, bought some life savers, and found our seats.  We were both so excited and just hearing the orchestra warm up gave me chills.

We had the best time!!  The highlight of the show for both of us were the chimney sweeps.  They were on wires and tap danced upside down!  We bought a CD and are working on memorizing all the songs, so if you want to have a sing-along just let us know! 🙂 I’ve been talking about it so much that Tracie and Matt even bought tickets for when the show comes to Appleton later this month.   There are two more Broadway shows in grand Rapids this season: The Addams Family and Cats.  We’re hoping to save enough to go both of them!


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