Away We Go… for a weekend!

As soon as Shane started this job and found out that occasional trips to Traverse City would be expected we started making plans to turn them into long weekends together.  He scheduled this meeting for Monday afternoon and bright and early Sunday morning we packed up, kissed the cats goodbye, and hit the road!

It snowed the big, slow snowflakes all weekend that made it feel as though we were vacationing inside a snow globe.  Everything made me exclaim, “This is so beautiful!!”

We had a few wineries in mind that we were familiar with and wanted to visit.  Shane likes Grand Traverse and I wanted to go to Chateau Chantal.

It was so cold, but we had a great time and came home with an excellent selection of wine.  We originally planned to go out for a fancy dinner together and had read so many restaurant reviews to make our choice.   We checked into our hotel with the plans of sleeping off our afternoon of wine tasting and never did make it back out for dinner!

We ordered a pizza instead and snuggled in front of the fireplace to enjoy the view of the snowy bay…and drink another bottle of wine!


About HeatherK

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