So just get contacts.

Two things happened recently: Shane got a job with fantastic insurance and we got married, which means I have access to that fantastic insurance.  On top of the whirlwind of being newlyweds (wee!) it has been a whirlwind of being insured.  I am still in the No Cavity Club according to our new dentist, but I’m afraid the old peepers aren’t faring as well as the chompers… I need glasses.  Night driving is becoming increasingly more dangerous for both me and others!

I stopped by a new eye glass store in our neighborhood just to kind of look around and ended up having a small emotional breakdown in response to the idea of wearing a single pair of glasses every single day. This is like getting a tattoo! On my face!  And no, I didn’t cry in the eye glass store. Thank you.

The thing is, I really like glasses! I wanted them, at least until I put them on.  I love accessories and I especially love sunglasses.  But regular glasses, it seems, are so much more than just an accessory.  I found myself thinking things like, “I’ll have to get a new haircut to match my glasses” and “Can I wear this sweater if I have glasses?”  Ridiculous.

I was going to add some pictures of incredibly stylish women in big, beautiful, non-hipstery glasses for both my inspiration and yours, but instead I found this:


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