Landing Strip

Hey! Look who’s still all crafty!  Well, this isn’t really a craft, I guess.  A slight home improvement, for sure.  Since we live in an apartment we can’t paint the walls or rip out the carpet to expose the beautiful 100 year old hardwood floors just waiting beneath (in my imagination and in my dream home).

Whenever I imagine the blueprints of my dream home or even my dream kitchen renovation, I am enamored with the idea of a landing strip.  I carry a lot of bags and purses and sunglasses and keys and stuff.  Without a designated place to put it, I just drop things all throughout the apartment as I wander room to room when I get home.  Bags in the hallway, coat thrown on the couch, shoes in the bathroom, keys on the counter, mail on the kitchen table- you get the idea.  The exact opposite of “A place for everything and everything in its place.”  I told myself that this messy habit was just because my apartments never have a good entryway.  This small kitchen corner was unused until I brilliantly (ahem) turned it into a mini landing strip.  And that green rubbermaid bin under the shelves you can just barely see sticking out? Pop Cans!  All other recyclables go in the pantry, which is on the other side of that door. All of that junk used to be gathered on the kitchen counter, which is a precious 50% of the total counterspace in this tiny kitchen.

And now, two days later, that counterspace is still clear and I’ve used it to prepare two meals!  And those super cute little key hooks?

They’re from this darling etsy shop- monkeyandsquirrel.   I love that they’re black and white, different animals and sizes, and that the hooks are part of the animals.  Very specific, I know.  That cutie little cat hook also comes in pink and turquoise which are the accent colors in the bedroom thanks to our beautiful giant painting and our accent pillows.

I love cats, I really do.  But since I have 3 of them I try not to buy too many cat things because…. you know. And we don’t need hooks in the bedroom, we needed hooks for keys.

And… the stockings!  I finished one for each of us.  The cats will have to wait until next year.

Check out that uneven but charming hand stitching!

See, I can craft.


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