How to Make a Stocking for your Cats: Part 1

This is Our First Christmas for Shane and me, which means that there is a lot of pressure to create traditions that we’ll want to continue for the rest of our lives and teach to our children.  There’s also lot of compromising.  My mom always put colored lights on the tree and Shane’s mom always used white lights.  I reluctantly agreed to white lights and, shockingly, love it.  We both grew up with homemade stockings, so when we started shopping for stockings nothing felt quite right.  And I was concerned that if we bought stockings then we wouldn’t be able to find exact matches for the children that I imagine us having in the years to come.  These are the things I worry about.

And so I found myself wandering through Hobby Lobby looking at half off Christmas fabric and uttered those ever famous last words- “How hard can it be?”  And, truthfully, it’s not so bad.  I might even finish before Christmas…

This is the fabric I picked out because it was nice and Christmasy and mismatchy and seemed like the kind of fabric homemade stockings are made out of.  Right?  I also had this little fantasy of taking future children (yeah yeah yeah, after this I’m done with the baby fever) to pick out fabric for their own stockings so each becomes a little snapshot of that child’s personality and preferences. I showed the fabric to the cats because I’m planning on making a stocking for them too.  They simultaneously ignored me, the camera, and the fabric all while impeding my progress which I’m pretty sure directly translates into “We love you, Mom! Thanks for the stocking! You rule!”

Then, Hattie helped me cut out a rough stocking shape that I just kind of made up.  I probably should’ve looked for some kind of pattern, but that’s not really my style.


That’s all the pictures that I have so far, which is why this is called Part 1.  *Spoiler Alert* I’ve already completed one whole stocking! Well, kind of.  It’s made but I want to put our initials on it somehow.  I will try to take more process pictures and you know I’m going to post the finished product because, Hello! I’m hand sewing stockings! That’s awesome!


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