i love you when i forget about me

When I woke up to the first snow this morning I thought right away about how it would be perfect to kick off the December Photo Project.  But then the day started and the beloved envelopes of yesterday turned on me by jamming up the printer and I felt like I was running late even though I wasn’t.  The recycling bin didn’t go out which irked me because in another two weeks it’ll be beyond overflowing and we haven’t grocery shopped in 3 weeks so I’m hungry.  As I was running out the door, on the phone, I saw the recycling truck coming so I ran the bin out the curb just in time and the guy winked at me.  It should have made me feel better to get the recycling out but instead it just made me feel even more harried and disorganized.  And that’s how my day (ahem, afternoon) started.  Also, I forgot my camera.

Finally, this evening when I hit the streets with my camera I was in a lousy mood to say the least.  The I remembered that walking in the dark in the snow is one of my favorite things about winter, and then I started remembering all the things I love about this neighborhood and I wanted to take a picture of every house.  When I stopped to take this picture of the intersection where I live, my mitten got the best of the auto-focus on my camera and I ended up with the photo above, Day 1.  It’s kind of a happy accident, and a reminder of how skewed my perception gets when I focus on myself too much.


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