“Half the psalms are laments.”

A lot of people are doing thankful lists and some people did thankful posts all month and a few people did not-thankful lists and I want to do both but I feel like I’m a little late to the game and everything I have to list is rather generic so I’ll spare you. Although one thing I am thankful for is run-on sentences.

And now that we’ve covered Thanksgiving we can move on to Christmas!!  This is especially exciting for me because I can take pictures of my cats in sweaters and then print them out and mail them to everyone I know, which is completely different from taking pictures of them without sweaters on all year long and posting them on facebook…

This is my boy Doc taking a little snooze because being a Christmas card model is hard work.  It might also be that the sweater renders him motionless with no choice but to plop down wherever I happen to set him.


About HeatherK

joke teller. tea drinker. npr listener. baby kisser.
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