What if I learned to cook?


I don’t really cook, like at all.  I mean, I occasionally throw some vegetable sin a pan with some olive oil and garlic but that’s it.  I can follow a recipe, kind of, but I never do.  It seems like a lot of work to find a recipe, go buy all the ingredients, try to make it, and then maybe not even like it.  I’m also a bad grocery shopper, but I think the two go together.  If I knew what I was cooking and how to cook it, then I would know what to buy.  I tend to just wander around the store and pick up items until I’m bored.  Then I go home with $80 worth of candy and 4 avocados and I eat microwave popcorn for dinner every night. But what if I learned to cook?

On some blog that I read a while ago that I can’t remember any more, someone said their husband was cooking his way through some cookbook (Jamie Oliver, maybe?) a la Julie/Julia and I thought, yes! Why don’t I just do that!  I have cookbooks! So maybe I will.  Except without any of the time limits or restrictions, but just try to make every recipe in one cookbook and see what I learn and how it goes.  I’ll probably start…. in January.  well, maybe in December.  We’ll see.  I’ve tried 365 photo projects before but once I quit on day 50 and once I quit on day 4.  Stick-to-it-ness is not one of my strong points.

As for the book, it will probably be one by Isa Chandra Moskowitz because all the cookbooks I have are by her.  In fact, it will probably be Veganomicon because I bought it and I have yet to cook one single thing from it.  Not one!  I’m not vegan.  In fact, I’m not even vegetarian anymore.  But I like to cook vegan because of all the vegetables and because touching meat totally grosses me out.

Add it to the list!


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